Landscape Planning

It is quite common for local authorities to impose certain planning conditions on sites such as landscape screening and the use of native trees or hedging. A landscape plan in planning terms is used to demonstrate how the visual impact of the development on the surrounding landscape can be minimised.

The finished landscape plan can be sent to you by post or email as your require. A site visit can be arranged if required.

Site Survey offers an analysis of the basic characteristics of a site to identify the problems and assess the key elements. The survey largely helps in addressing the issues and enhance the intended design and is used as part of the landscape plan. 

A site survey consists of some or all of the following elements:

Site exposure: we test different environmental conditions such as exposure to wind and sea proximity.

Topography: provides an extensive survey of the topographical features and provides data on the slope and levels of the site. 

Visual Influence: The company also provides an overview of the existing vegetation on the land and takes account of the native trees and hedges around the area to check the site’s visibility. 

Tree Survey: Landscape Planning provides an assessment of all the trees on the site if and when required by the local authorities. They assess whether the trees can be kept or removed. 

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