components of a landscape plan

There are two different but closely related aspects for evaluating the impact on Landscape planning and assessment. While the impact on character focuses on examining the characteristics of the landscape through the insertion of proposed development into the environment, Visual impact is identified through the visual intrusion and visual obstruction of the proposed development where the assessment is made through preparation of photomontages, maps, report or a 3D Image.

The visual impact assessment of the landscape plan includes activities:

  • Reviewing and analyzing the condition of the site, preparing a visual photographic record for the landscape, identifying the features and characteristics.
  • Studying on the location of each site to be assessed through local and citywide significance, where the information gathered from site visits and development plans.
  • Ongoing analysis for the plan of construction, architectural and engineering developments as well reviewing the assessment reports.
  • Tree Survey assessment.
  • Analyzing the series of photomontages prepared for the proposed developments.

Impact assessment evaluates the impact of the site under landscape which, in other words of impact the proposed development of the house. Impact is the view, not the slap. By putting trees for screening, can help you on softening the impact of the proposed development in the environment depending on the nature and your specific requirements.

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