impact assessment planning

You can be commercial or consumer developer, can be an architect, or an individual building your dream house for the first time. During the stage of construction of the property, you may want to start asking the simple question to yourself, “Why do I need a Landscape plan for my property?”

Many county councils often request a landscape plan for planning permission

It is now required to submit a separate landscape plans for planning permission as part of commercial and residential planning applications to local authorities or county councils. For planning purposes, it is important to illustrate how the development or building will blend into the area and what landscape features are required to ensure this occurs.

It is a comprehensive approach in terms of design and environmental friendliness

Landscape planning requires more involvement rather than making the decisions on choosing which planting such as trees and bushes would be ideal for the outer space of your property. Landscape Planning is a more comprehensive approach to landscape design that includes several elements within such as hardscape, decks, patios, plants, gardening even swimming pool. It is not only about meeting the conditions and requirements of local authorities on landscape screening, it also provides environmentally friendly living environment to outdoor landscape area of the residence where it helps people to enjoy their outdoor space as much as indoor if planned correctly.

We can help you on submitting a successful landscape plan for planning permission

With more than 25 years of experience on delivering landscape plans for planning permissions in Ireland with more than 100 happy clients, can assist you submitting a successful landscape plan cost effectively.